patrouille-rafale-typhoon.jpgNos meilleurs amis au Mali, aujourd’hui et demain…  our better friends today and tomorrow…

Recently France has given military support under Operation Serval to Mali at the request of the Malian authorities and the United Nations. The UK has subsequently provided French forces with support. The work carried out under the auspices of the Directive of Objectives  (accord franco-britannique signé par les chefs d'état-major le 1/02/2013) enhances the ability of the UK and France to carry out such combined operations now and in the future.

Général d’armée aérienne Denis Mercier commented on the positive relationship between the two air forces: “French and British aviators have been engaged together on operational theatres for almost a century. Today, the re-enforcement of their cooperation opens formidable opportunities to overcome the challenges of tomorrow”.




NB: La RAF vient de recevoir son centième Typhoon....

La patrouillle mixte ci-dessus montre un rafale français et un typhoon britannique (non engagé au mali) et illustre notre parfaite entente (Cordiale...). Le C17 ci-dessus a fait plusieurs voyages à notre profit entre Evreux et Bamako.

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